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Randy Robbins: A Short Bio

Randy Robbins

Randy Robbins is a singer, a musician, a songwriter, and a dreamer. He's survived tragedy, loss, life, and love, all of which are inspiration for the songs he writes. He grew up listening to Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, and Elvis, to name a few, and developed a deep love and keen understanding for the power of music. These musicians, among many others of various traditions spread across multiple genres, inspired him to learn the guitar, which he taught himself in the evenings and on weekends, putting words he had written over the years to the music he was learning to create. When he really wants something, he goes after it, but mostly he just goes with the flow and lets life take him where it will. He says you should feel free to tag along...

Limelight Magazine Interview, 9/29/2009

By George Austin

Like countless others, Randy Robbins was inspired to become an acoustic musician by the legendary Bob Dylan.

"The power in his voice is amazing, really," Robbins said.

Robbins performs mostly solo acoustic singer/songwriter material which is what the audience will hear when he opens up for The Soft Parade on Oct. 2 at Showcase Live in Foxboro, Mass. Robbins has been playing guitar and singing for about 12 years and has been playing out for the last four years, mostly at establishments in southeastern Massachusetts and the Worcester area. He said it is a great feeling to be performing on stage and with acoustic music, the singer/songwriter feels almost naked, but he wants people to be able to enjoy his shows.

"I tend to be a very shy and withdrawn type of person," Robbins said. "But when I get up on stage, I can control the room. I feel good about it. I can take the energy of the audience and push the performance higher."

Robbins's girlfriend, Kate Yack sometimes sings back-up vocals or her own songs with Robbins because she is also a singer/songwriter. Buck Weir sometimes plays the hand drums for Robbins. Besides Dylan, Robbins lists as his influences The Beatles, Velvet Underground, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. He just finished recording a CD of original material, called "Shades of Red," which can be listened to on The album was written, recorded and produced in the house where he lives in Woonsocket, R.I.

"It's mostly confessional, singer/songwriter stuff that I've written the last couple of years and played at open mics," RObbins said.

Robbins said a lot of his material comes out of relationships and he tries to not focus on the subject so much, but let the words flow in the song. Robbins, who is originally from South New Jersey, picked up a guitar for the first time at 18 years, started learning cover songs and then wrote his own tunes.

"I've been into music my whole life, since I was four or five years old," Robbins said. "My mother was a singer."

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